Thursday, July 02, 2009

connect with fans revisited #4 josh freese

Ex-Devo (and NiN amonst others) drummer Josh Freese has taken a nod fron Trent with the marketing of his new album 'Since 1972'.

As we reported back in Feb, among the many and varied fan packages available include one (only) for $10,000 which includes:

- Signed CD/DVD and digital download.
- T-shirt
- A spot on on Joe Escalante's Indie 103.1 radio show and talk about the package you just purchased. Maybe even play a few hot tracks.
- Signed DW snare drum from A Perfect Circle tour 2000-2001.
- Drum lesson or his and hers foot/back massage.
- We go to lunch at "Club 33" (super exclusive, private restaurant at Disneyland located above the Pirates Of The Caribean) and hit a couple rides afterwards (preferably the "Tower Of Terror, The TIki Room and The Haunted Mansion")


- At the end of the day at Disneyland drive away in [my] Volvo. It's all yours.....take it. Just drop me off at home on your way out though please.

And if you are still not convinced, here's his ad for the Volvo.

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