Saturday, July 04, 2009

i'm sending the wolf

To the pr company or social media experts on the #moonfruit twitter trending thing, you are probably all slapping each other on the back right now.

No 1 trending topic on twitter!

Twitter users have been bribed to mention #moonfruit hashtagged in every tweet for a chance to win a laptop every week for 10 weeks.

But i have to tell you - this is empty, useless, devoid of any engagement, pure eyeball harvesting, impression delivering same old same old, just using the tool de jour.

At the end of the ten weeks you will be back to square one.
No-one gives a shit. And you are ten laptops down.


The real trending topic on twitter (though less visible than #moonfruit) is what some people are calling 'the corporatisation of twitter' (aka jumping the shark).

The stampede of brands apeing the celebrity-broadcast model - even PAYING for followers FFS - continues onto the platform.

It was good while it lasted, but i'm sending the wolf...

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