Monday, July 30, 2007

2d to 3d web

just read that Mattel's Barbie Girls an immersive brand virtual world, has signed up three million members in the first 2 months, and they’re getting around 50,000 new sign ups a day.
anyone else still doubting the transformation of the web from a 2d browser experience to a 3d immersive one? the only question now is how long?...

a journey of a thousand miles....

begins with but a single step.
Just back from an enjoyable week in the sun at Dionysos canyon in the mountains overlooking Kumlub├╝k bay in Turkey.
Highly recommended if you want a real away from it all holiday.
I was all set to start a flickr page and post my snaps when I was struck by the realisation...
I cannot possibly share the pics of my semi-naked wobbling.
Hence forth a portion of this journal will now be given over to the phenomenon known as fatblogging. I'll do the first weigh-in tonight and each Monday will be tracking my progress. Need to work out a plan and some targets but today is offically the start of the new me. Wish me luck...

Friday, July 20, 2007

white list email marketing

avoiding the blacklist courtesy of Seth Godin

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sign O' The Times

The biggest marketing story of the week is, of course, the new Prince album 'Planet Earth' which was given away free with the Mail on Sunday in the UK this weekend.
Quote from his purpleness “It’s direct marketing and I don’t have to be in the speculation business of the record industry, which is going through a lot of tumultuous times right now,”
Prince has been a thorn in the record industry's side since probably day 1. Among the most famous incidents being when he went on 'strike' in 1994 in a dispute with Warners over publishing rights and appeared with 'Slave' written on his face for a number of months.
There will be plenty written and discussed over the implications for the retail end of the record industry - its not harming the artist much as the sell out tour indicates. Let's not forget, hardcore Prince fans are going go and buy another copy when the official release happens. It's worked as a re-awakening for lapsed fans like myself. I've listened a couple of times now and ive liked the organic band-y sound, although Prince has been off my radar for a few years anyway so maybe thats not a new development.
One question though. I wonder how it ended up going out with Britains most reactionary right-wing paper rather than . say, the Observer - which does a monthly music pull out a la Mojo or Q - which would seem to me to be a more appropriate partner? Highest bidder I suppose, but that took a little bit of the shine off a real innovation, for me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bernie Rhodes knows...don't argue

Had an interesting email exchange with legendary punk agitator, ex-Clash and Special AKA manager Bernard Rhodes the other day.

I'd contacted Bernard with some questions after checking out his website, where BR rails against all and sundry and laments at the shallow and vacuous nature of contemporary popular culture.

I politely suggested to BR that he might like to consider opening up the site into a more bloggy format to allow readers to comment and perhaps link up with like-minded readers - thus enabling a conversation and a community to see each other, around the content.

I also encouraged BR to think about new-ish things like Twitter (when you check out his stuff i'm sure you'll agree he has enough short soundbites to fit the format).

Well, BR responded indirectly via his contact page by explaining he has no plans to be getting involved in social media as it is the domain of 'ranters, bullshitters and timewasters'. 

That's his take. Obviously it's early days in this space so we'll see where it lands.

I still think BR has some pretty interesting views which would get some debate going for sure but it appears he's not ready just yet.

Thats a shame I think, if this forum had been around for some of BR's influences such as Guy Debord.

I think there would have been some interesting ideas reaching out further than they did in their time.

I wonder what Malcolm is up to...

Live earth

If the combined egos of the pop glitterati on stage at live earth could be harnessed to generate electricity we'd have no energy problems for the foreseeable future.
Where was Jarvis when we needed him? Madonna's performance (put your hands together to save the planet...?) was up there with Jacko's legendary Brits self deification from 10 years ago. I really though we were past that. Politics and pop does mix when theres something at the core, but what exactly were this lot saying about anything? Pussycat Dolls? I mean, come on. The funniest thing was the ticker tape thing at the back of the stage typing out loft insulation tips while Genesis hobbled around the stage looking like a bunch of cowboy builders.

chinwag party

Met up with a couple of twitter pals at the chinwag party, Artful Dodger Sam and Stoke City fan Will. Its great to put faces to names and a few beers and hot dogs were quaffed. I also managed to have a chat to Luke Razzell, who I'd seen speaking at the last Chiwag live, and his girlfriend Charla.
We've now facebooked up and I'm hoping to be able to contribute to his new Blogfriends project, if I can.
I was also introduced to zeroinfluencer aka Dave. Dave is involved in one of the most interesting developments in tv for a while, Where are the Joneses?. Its a wiki based tv show where the plot and script etc are written by the 'community'. Didn't get a chance to really have a proper blether but I'm hoping that will happen sometime soon. Thanks to Chinwag for bringing people together, again.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

can a brand 'own' football?

Had an interesting conversation today around Nike and adidas, both brands trying to 'own' football (soccerball, for my US chums). With Euro 2008 fast approaching the battle will become even more fierce.
Nike's Shooting Gallery ups the ante although some of the invitation clips smell a bit phony to me...;)
At the end of the day (gratuitous football cliche ole) I'm on the adidas side, if only because the badge adorned the shirts of Willie Miller and co on the greatest night in the history of football - May 11th 1983
Nike just havent earned it yet.