Tuesday, July 10, 2007

chinwag party

Met up with a couple of twitter pals at the chinwag party, Artful Dodger Sam and Stoke City fan Will. Its great to put faces to names and a few beers and hot dogs were quaffed. I also managed to have a chat to Luke Razzell, who I'd seen speaking at the last Chiwag live, and his girlfriend Charla.
We've now facebooked up and I'm hoping to be able to contribute to his new Blogfriends project, if I can.
I was also introduced to zeroinfluencer aka Dave. Dave is involved in one of the most interesting developments in tv for a while, Where are the Joneses?. Its a wiki based tv show where the plot and script etc are written by the 'community'. Didn't get a chance to really have a proper blether but I'm hoping that will happen sometime soon. Thanks to Chinwag for bringing people together, again.


Zeroinfluencer said...

Good to meet you too fella!

Will said...

Yep, lovely to meet you - we should meet for a drink soonish.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed it, was nice to put a face to the email address even if it was only briefly!