Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bernie Rhodes knows...don't argue

dang dang dang dang, d-dang d-dang dang, dang dang...
Had an interesting email exchange with legendary punk agitator, ex-Clash and Special AKA manager Bernard Rhodes the other day.
Suffice to say, we wont be going for a pint together anytime soon.
I'd contacted Bernard after being enthralled by the content on his website, where BR rails against all and sundry and laments at the shallow and vacuous nature of contemporary popular culture. I politely suggested to BR that he might like to consider opening up the site into a more bloggy format to allow readers to comment and perhaps link up with like-minded readers - thus enabling a conversation and a community to evolve around the content. I also encouraged BR to think about things like Twitter (when you check out his stuff i'm sure you'll agree.Soundbites a go-go)
Well, BR responded indirectly via his contact page by announcing he wont be getting involved in social media as it is the domain of 'ranters, bullshitters and timewasters'. This got my goat a bit and a non too polite exchange followed.
I still think BR has some pretty interesting views which would get some debate going for sure but it appears he's not ready just yet. Thats a shame I think, if this forum had been around for some of BR's influences such as Guy Debord
I think there would have been some interesting ideas reaching out further than they did in their time. I wonder what Malcolm is up to...