Tuesday, April 17, 2007

D&AD 2007 - Need for Speed Carbon AV Wars

Its that time again, and I please to note another entry in the book for 2007 to add to last years haul of 3 (including 1 Yellow Pencil nomination).
You can argue of the merits of the D&AD awards (smug ad industry back slapping vs genuine recognition for good creative) but to be fair I'll take any accolades going thank you very much.
The piece in question was a digital tv interactive 'ad' for EA Games release of Need for Speed Carbon - 'AV Wars'. You can check out a snippet on my portfolio site
The reason I'm pleased about this award is it was a conceptually strong idea with some great content to work with. EA marketing people had commissioned AV 'remixes' of NFSC by leading VJs that was earmarked for release at some date after launch. We asked for exclusive use of that content for the 'ad' and played it out longform behind the red button off the ads on digital tv. Of course NFSC fans recorded the thing on their PVRs ripped it and it was all over Youtube within hours.
So it was abit of tv that empowered and involved the viewer and contributed to community and conversation online via the forums and social media. And it looks pretty cool too. Job done?


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Office fave - Thou Shalt always Kill

loving this

Bowie fixated bbc drama a go go

Great news, after I cried into my cornflakes following the last episode of the best british drama on telly since god knows when, Life on Mars, a cursory reading of the Metro over someones shoulder on the tube revealed that a sequel is being shot.
Ashes to Ashes will be set in the 80s this time. I cant wait for The Laughing Gnome after that, or Hey! Mr Gravedigger for that matter.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

web 2.0 bullsh*t generator

Remember the dack.com web economy bs generator from a few years back?
These guys have updated it for web 2.0. Literally minutes of fun to be had until it starts to ring true too close to home...
Also there is Brownpau's Buzzphrase Generator for some "excellent catchphrases with which to litter your site and marketing materials".
go ahead make bullsh*t

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Had to laugh at this. Scottish builders at the new Wembley have hidden Scotland flags and stuff under the turf. Spirit of 77 lives on...

sunny day on brick lane

snapped this, no idea what its about, something to do with teeth anyway, but quite liked it.