Friday, June 17, 2011

smells like award-show spirit

Have a look at the Old Spice twitter page.
In 2011 there's been a total of around 30 or so tweets since January 1.
Basically communication pretty much ceased at the end of November, when the mainstream campaign wound up, with only sporadic updates - principally self-pimpage - between January and May.

There's 125,000 followers on there they could have been activating, but didn't bother.

Funnily enough 'engagement' started again in the last five or six weeks - @oldspice started to reply to fans again after an elongated hiatus.

Quel surprise.
Could it be that award shows are coming around again?

I've no problem with Old Spice cleaning up in Advertising categories, it has great writing, great humour and was perfectly executed as a campaign.

But i'm not buying any 'best-use-of-social-media'.

There's also 1.5 million fans on the Facebook page, loads of likes and comments from fans - I dug around for ten minutes or so and failed to find one single repy or response from Old Spice guy.

Fantastic advertising campaign? - Absolutely.
Best use of social? - Nope.

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