Friday, June 03, 2011

keep taking the tablets

To be fair I'm not sure what an 'insight' is versus an observation.
Is an insight even a thing? Or is insight an attribute or skill one has the ability to use.

A bit like 'digital'. Digital is often described as a thing, a noun when of course 'digital' is an adjective.
One can have a digital watch, for instance. Adjective-noun

Although paradoxically one cannot have a digital strategy. But that's another discussion.

Back to insight/observation and a recent chart of the week, this one from Nielsen, and some interesting numbers around the usage of connected devices (ie devices other than PCs or laptops).

No surprises in that Tablet devices skew heavily towards being the second screen with TV and also likely as e-reader type usage in bed.
E-readers index heavily on in-bed usage also.
The smartphone though re-inforces it's credentials as the universal device with it's usage pretty evenly distributed accross all activities.
Each device has a big chunk around 'other', I'm curious about what those other activities might actually be.

One insight/observation might be that technologies change but people don't change that much.

We like to read in bed.
Watching TV is better as a shared experience.
Travel time and hanging around waiting for things is less boring with something to do.
Connected-ness is a basic human need.

These devices are our personal media spaces.
For marketers who want to be in someone's personal media space?
Play + Social + Utility is a good place to start.

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