Thursday, June 23, 2011

eaon's law of marketing inequality part 2 : xbox NUads #dumbdumb

This here is one of those strange paradoxical anomalies, if there are such things, that arise from time to time.

It's the latest advertising 'innovation' from Xbox Live Advertising - voice and gesture based interactive ads. They call it NUads (ka-chow) - that means Natural User Interface Ads.

Potentially interesting technology described with extraordinary and excruciatingly DUMB examples that lack any understanding of why and how people share content or are likely to interact with each other and/or brands.

I stopped counting the number of 'this is really cool' mentions after the first minute.
Sorry mate, its not cool at all.

I'll leave you with a piece of one of the (almost universally scathing over numerous pages) comments left on YouTube from the Xbox Live fans...

'Wow, I can not believe I will be able to consume ads in such a unique way. I'm so glad I am paying the 50 dollars a year to receive an ad powered online service. Statistically we would like more ads!!!!'

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