Tuesday, June 21, 2011

cannes the cannes #winningwithintegrity

As you all know, I don't get too bothered about award shows, but having said that, if you're in it you might as well win it.

And to win it with a project that has complete integrity and authenticity is even better.

This is why I'm particularly pleased to have been part of this situation we created for NAB in Australia, which has earned the recognition of our peers and snaffled the Grand Prix for PR at the Cannes Advertising festival.

Integrity? Authenticity? I hear you ask.

This is why it won.

Know which side of the bed you are lying on.
Decide what you are FOR and AGAINST.
Stand for something your customers care about.
Find out who's IN and who's OUT.
Have a philosophy first, strategy follows naturally.
Have a mission not simply a proposition
Use each piece of media to do what it does best.
Make media slippy not sticky.
Be informal, entertaining but still serious.
Create situations.
Pick a fight with someone.

There's our Exec CD Ant with the statue last night, with a shout out to the creative teams.

Bring the noise.

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