Wednesday, June 29, 2011

how to have a viral video hit?

We were commissioned by the Melbourne International Film Festival to make some short promotional films in the run up to the 60th annual Festival, which kicks off on 21st July.

One of the films The Potato Peelers has been a bit of a runaway 'viral' success going from zero to nearly 300,000 views in less than 48 hours.

The Potato Peelers takes the mickey out of the (wrong) notion held by some cinephiles that Eastern European films, in this instance Polish, are a bit grim.

How to have a viral video hit?
Sadly, there's no silver bullet I can impart.
Despite opinions to the contrary I would stand by the view that it is nigh on impossible to strategise for a viral hit.

You can, however, have brilliant writing (thanks to our own Nick Kelly) and beautifully crafted execution.

And looking at the You Tube stats and comments reveals that the the Poles themselves have a fantastic self depreciating humour - on a par with Scotland - as the bulk of the views and comments have come from Poland itself.

Viral, as an effect, being subject to the natural selection of interesting.

Over thinking it, leads to only one thing...mamy przejebane.

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