Friday, June 26, 2009

fans or influencers?

Flavour de jour, from client enquiries at the moment, is around the question of how to connect with 'influencers'.

But the important point to note is that so called ‘influencers’ are not always brand advocates.

Yes, 'influencers' are often the people who people go to for advice while they are sussing out a purchasing decision and positive opinion from these sources is a benefit, but of course it can go either way.

How do you reach them?
You can’t, really.

It is virtually impossible to know who or how many influencers in any brand consideration or purchasing decision are.

If it's a toss up on budget it's far better to spend that money connecting with fans.
Fans are the top 20% or so of customers who totally love what you do.

Connect with them, connect them with each other.
Listening, rewarding, creating with and cuddling them is a far better bet in generating positive WOM.

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