Thursday, June 25, 2009

thought on Demons and Primeval biting the dust

Earlier this month we heard that ITV was in talks with SkyB about switching its ad-funded digital channels (ITV2/3/4 etc) to subscription, meaning they would no longer be broadcast on Freeview.

Poor ITV are looking into this as a result of of the worst advertising revenue downturn since it launched in 1955.

Add to that the news this week that ITV are cancelling prime time shows Demons and Primeval. Stephen Armstrong in the Guardian calls it 'A budgetary ice-age...sweeping through UK television'

It's a shame that the crash in ad revenues means that less proper programming is going to be produced, and it's the viewers that have to suffer because the networks have been too slow to look at their business model.

But why should advertisers feel obliged to prop up commercial tv channels when it is patently clear that there are now far more efficient and measurable ways to reach with their customers?

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