Monday, August 01, 2011

shiny objects #2356

Once again Olivier Blanchard is one voice of reason well worth paying attention to in the world of digital-social marketing and branding and an antidote to the plethora of social media experts/enthusiasts/pro-retweeters.

He has penned a fairly comprehensive assessment of Google+  which I suggest you have a look at, it includes this paragraph of uncommon sense amongst other wisdom.

'I caution you against drinking anyone’s koolaid. Shiny object syndrome is a major source of noise on the web these days. Tech bloggers make a good living creating content on their blogs with the purpose of attracting as much traffic as possible in order to make as much advertising revenue as possible (and catch the eye of larger media outlets like Mashable, CNN, etc.) So every tech story they can get their hands on has the potential of earning them stacks of cash. The incentive then isn’t to truly analyze or report (or even wait and see), but to sensationalize every new platform release, from Quora to Google Buzz. There is nothing wrong with it, but just be aware of how the web “thought leadership” and content curation bubbles work. A lot of noise doesn’t mean a whole lot except a feeding frenzy of web traffic and incremental revenue. Right now, Google+ is the big story. A while ago, Google Wave was too.'

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