Tuesday, August 09, 2011

PSFK Future Of Retail Report 2011

PSFK Future Of Retail Report 2011 [Preview]
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The PSFK Future of Retail report is worth a look, even in the edited free version.

They identify 10 key retail trends that sit within 3 broad themes – what they describe as Online Expectations Offline Experience, Shopper Know-How and Redefined Retail Cartography.

A fancy way of describing the new buyer journey as it continues to evolve.

The PSFK team spoke to the people behind many projects that are transforming the shopper experience, including many senior retail and brand executives.

Worth a peek, at least confirm what we are already understanding about retail, it's mobile, social and local. 

The PSFK report in full is also available to purchase with a versioning strategy au naturellement.

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