Tuesday, August 09, 2011

insight lesson from david bowie

In a 2002 interview around his album Heathen David Bowie expressed his frustration at having to continually (over) explain certain nuances related to the project.

In particular the photo on the sleeve in which his eyes are replaced by fish eyes.  

The fish being the secret symbol for Christians avoiding detection in prejudicial circumstances whilst signifying connection with each other. Ergo Heathen.

For those of us who are looking for those signs and symbols in relation to understanding human behaviour, and motivators thereof, as a profession there's a pointer from Dave, with a nod to the escalation of karaoke culture - the prevailing culture in which there is no responsibility, and instant fame/success can be had for little meaningful effort - which was already well underway even back in 2002.

'People are so fucking dumb. Nobody reads anymore, nobody goes out and looks and explores the society and culture that they were brought up in. People have attention spans of 5 seconds and as much depth as a glass of water.'

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