Thursday, August 25, 2011

quickerfeet - couponless local deals app

Another SoMoLo shopping app, this time it’s an Aussie one.

QuickerFeet delivers couponless deals, available around where you are now, in real time.

From a customer standpoint the appeal is clear; there’s no risk, no data to be given, no coupons, no checking in, no signing up.

From a brand standpoint I still stand by my summation here: Repeat Business vs Loyalty

‘Repeat buyers will keep buying until a better deal comes along.
Loyalty is when your customer will turn down a better 'deal' to keep buying from you.’

However as a tactical thing, used with caution, the low barrier to usage, and no risk of spammage for the user, makes this one to watch.
The slickness and stylishness of the design and interface also adds to the usable-ness.

I’ve got it on my phone now, General Pants, Lorna Jane, AMF Bowling and 1001 Optical are caning it in Melbourne.


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