Monday, August 22, 2011

imagine the band

As a youngster I made up the same mixtape several times, with several permutations trying to estimate what the 'final' Beatles LP may have been using the best bits from McCartney's solo debut, Lennon's Plastic Ono Band album and George Harrisons All Things Must Pass.

It would have been a corker, for sure.

Knowing also that Lennon/McCartney compositions post-64ish were pretty much written by the individual authors then pasted together or slightly embellished by one or the other, Never Get Out of The Boat favourite and erstwhile acquaintance Go Home Productions has done a decent approximation of what Lennon's Imagine piano riffs and McCartney's Band on the Run words would have produced.

Good to see GHP back after what's been too long an absence...

Also congrats to GHP for helping Weiden Kennedy Amsterdam pick up a Bronze Lion at Cannes, by providing the audio edit with this Heineken film.

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