Wednesday, August 03, 2011

proliferating across the earth

Nietzsche's philosophy was regurgitated in a manipulated form by the Nazis in their quest for european/world domination.

Slightly extreme analogy but the message of the digital-social evolution of communications is often regurgitated and manipulated to their own grubby end by the never ending proliferation of social media 'experts' that shows no signs of abating.

Of course with the plethora of sensationalist tech blogs and A-list douchebags to pilfer dogma tweets and content from why bother creating your own stuff? Or cultivating your own point of view?

Getting to wisdom is the goal.

To that point it's worth having a timely reminder of this clip from 2007.
This is a public service post as many of today's social media experts would not have actually been around when this first appeared, anyway.

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