Thursday, December 02, 2010

enough with the consumers thing

It's an old topic but worth saying again once in a while.
Can we please stop with the whole 'consumers' bit.

It's people.

Maybe customers, fans, onlookers even, but enough with the consumers thing.

There's no need.

I just clicked on an article from Umarketing on the launch of ZigTech trainers in the UK.

I was fully expecting fuel for future spleen venting at the inevitable gimmicky awareness-fixated lame stuntness of the 'interactive' Pussycat Doll billboard gubbins masquerading as 'digital' cool.

Unexpectedly, I found my venom diverted by the total inanity of the basic intro statement.

'The cameras enabled consumers to talk to Scherzinger through sophisticated production.'

Do you get the same mental vision as me; hoards of one-dimensional zombie-like pac-man munching drooling mutants?

Even factoring in the presence of a virtual Nicole Scherzinger, it's still all wrong.

Why do we continually have to label people as consumers whenever they are being described in anything resembling a vaguely marketing context.


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