Friday, January 15, 2010

gillette champions

Sometimes, nay often, the best commentary on advertising comes, not from within the industry or associated media, but from other sources.

Gillette have launched a new TV campaign and microsite titled 'Gillette Champions' with Tiger Woods, Thierry Henry and Roger Federer.

'They were chosen for both their outstanding sporting performances and also their performances off the field, in their charitable actions, support of social causes and for their reputations as icons of true sporting values,' said Nathan Homer, Gillette brand manager.

This comment on the letters page of the current issue of Viz neatly encapsulates a thought that had crossed my mind also..

'With regard to those razor ads, Thierry Henry is now a football cheat and Tiger woods is shagging six birds behind his wife's back.

What's Roger Federer going to pull out of the bag to top the other two?

Perhaps he'll get photographed smoking crack in a Nazi uniform whilst bumming a tramp?'

As a footnote, the less forgiving Accenture have replaced Tiger in their new ads with an elephant, a chameleon, some frogs and a fish

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