Tuesday, May 24, 2011

spam and bre.ad

Not sure I'm buying into bre.ad despite it being flavour of the week.
In essence it's URL shortner that doubles as 'promotional tool'.

The premise seems to be that when you clicks on a bre.ad shortened link that someone has shared you are first taken to a promotional page called a 'Toast' (ie an ad) before you get to the piece of content being shared.

The Toast is created by the person who originally shortened the link.

Bre.ad founder Alan Chan says:
'People have causes they want to promote, whether it’s their company or a charity they fervently support, so he wanted to find a simple and novel way for them to display their passion.'

Although they've pitched it as 'promote a cause' you kinda know where it will end up.

Is it like pre-rolls for tweets or just pop-up ads by another name?

The bre.ad blog's Toast of the Week kinda tells it's own story.

And just wait til those 'influencers' get their hands on it.

[wtf, I've requested an invite anyway]

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