Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a day in the life of the digital innovation director

08:00 Arrive in the office, catch up on any arguments left over from previous day via email

09:00 Daily stand-up argument with Producers

09:15 A couple of ad hoc arguments with various Account teams 

10:30 Specific project related arguments for the rest of the morning

12:30 Email based arguments [various] plus half an hour or so arguing on various blogs
and twitter

13:00 Lunch argument with client

14:30 Couple of hours spare to argue with myself over some strategy documents

15:45 Cheeky 15mins following up on the morning's Twitter arguments

16:00 Back to arguing with myself and accepting/declining argument requests

16:30 General philosophical arguments with Creative Teams

17.30 Catch up argument on progress with the days work

18:00 Use commute time to prepare argument material for following day

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