Thursday, May 05, 2011

don't lose your dreams

For some reason Pete Wylie and the various Wah! incarnations have been on heavy rotation on the Boat iPod in recent weeks.

Probably connected to the truth that PW is a long standing battler against the forces for mediocrity and for the power of positivity.

Synchronicity further compounded by the discovery via soundtracking that @topfife has an uncle that was long time Wylie/Wah! drummer.

Perhaps one of the Mighty Pete's lesser know anthems is 'Don't Lose Your Dreams' from which this couplet is extracted.

'...when people criticise your schemes, your wild extremes, don't you ever lose your dreams'.

You're on, Pete.

Or as my old friends at Unfrozenmind (whatever happened to them?) put it.

'Your dream is a collect call from the future. You pay the price either way whether you choose to ignore it, or follow its call.'

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