Monday, March 15, 2010

ten commandments

Amusing and relevant pres by this guy Sean Boyle, Global planning director from JWT outlining his ten stop/start commandments to reboot the advertising industry.

A couple of key nuggets right from the off:

'The people who 'get it' who have vision, talent and intelligence are belittled, bullied and compromised by people who have no vision, no talent and who don't get it'.


' The ad business today takes 8 months to do one thing, we need to do 8 things in one month'.

All ten commandments are:

Start Telling The Truth
Stop The Politics
Start Having Fun Again
Stop Overthinking Things
Start Doing Something
Stop The Incessant Research
Start Doing Good
Stop Banging On About Digital
Start Ups Again Please
Stop Using Animals In Commercials

Finders fee to Mr John Dodds.

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