Friday, March 19, 2010

banned from the pubs

A funny ad for Carlton Draught, Australian beer from the Fosters stable. One of seven variants as part of the long running 'Made from Beer' campaign the ads have been deemed too risky for TV, principally for the multiple inferences to the man-bits (goolies, weenis etc), and were pulled by the client themselves shortly before they were due to air.

Following months of wrangling between agency, Melbourne's Clemenger BBDO, and client, Fosters have agreed to release the ads on the web.

Quote from Fosters:

'The internet is a sharper instrument than television, which hits a broad range of consumers...I believe our target market will go looking for Carlton Draught material online'

The Fosters spokesperson has described what many believe is the very near future of how advertising of this nature seen and distributed.

Consumers actively seeking out and spreading branded content, because they want to.

Although Carlton is one of Australias most popular beers, most likely drunk by many people who will now never see this content.

Fans who do seek out the ads are encouraged to rate the ad - and presumably persuade Fosters and agency to relent and place them on TV - via the website

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