Wednesday, March 24, 2010

hey ho let's (not) go

The brand that alledgedly coined the term 'sneakers' (the rubber soles faciltating 'sneaking' around) has launched a new campaign, called 'The Original Sneaker', based on reminding 'the kids' that Keds were the first, authentic sneaker.

Converse and possibly PF flyers (the favourite round these parts) may dispute that, the NYTimes covers that angle in this article.

To be fair Keds have been de riguer with certain trendy elements around London for the last few years, anyway

Keds attempt to bring the brand's history to life in a history section of their website that pulls together clips, stories and ads from bygone days up to the present.

With one notable and glaring exception, and perhaps their most most well known and loved patrons.

Messrs Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy Ramone.

Beaten to the punch in that respect by Converse Chuck Taylor, and Vans, neither of which were worn by the 'brothers' until much later in the story.

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