Friday, March 12, 2010

customer service #235

I don't usually pimp work in this space but this project we've developed for Direct line car insurance is something worth posting.

No one really talks about the claims process in the insurance industry and building trust in the sector is key.

The building blocks to achieving this are involving customers, better recognition of what they value and being more transparent.

Instead of burying the process in text based FAQ's at the back of the website where no-one will ever see them we created 4 videos which take the customer through the journey of a claims process, from what happens when they first call to register their claim, right through to the approved repair centre assessing the damage and getting them back on the road.

The 4 videos live on the Direct Line website and on Direct line's YouTube channel, so are open for commentary.

This is just the first step in an ongoing program we are working with the client on in order to:
1 - Improve claims experience by defining expectations
2 - Humanise a “faceless” process: build empathy, reassurance

A small step in our mission to try and create value in the new, non-linear customer buying journey.

All videos were shot in the Manchester call centre and repair centre and are presented by real staff.

Jaffe neatly sums up where we were coming from in this nugget from The Customer Service Manifesto.

Customer service is a front office strategic imperative that belongs at the same table as strategic planning, marketing communications, branding and advertising.


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