Saturday, December 05, 2009

digital comb-overs and part-time punks

I thought everyone was up to speed with the 'digital comb-over' thing coined the other week by Jeremiah Owyang?

He says:
'Many companies are entering the social/green/community space, with hopes of impressing customers, yet despite their best intentions, they could come across as inauthentic, and be damaging their own brand.'

The new marketing and social-everything is a committment to changing the way stuff is done. (Im)permanently. Not a badge to stick on when it suits or a few buzzwords to ping around.

You have to mean it, man. Or else you're just a part timer.

It's fine to fake it until you make it, but to just fake it will fool no-one.

'They play their records very loud - They pogo in the bedroom - In front of the mirror - But only when their mum's gone out'
'Here they come - La la la la laaa la - La la la la laaa la - The part time punks'

I wanted to illustrate this with a vid of said tune by The Television Personalities but there's not one on You Tube.

I did, however, find this version by a cool multi-instrumentalist 8 year old kid called Dennis.

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