Wednesday, December 09, 2009

next evolution of direct mail?

What if you could apply web style 'spam filtering' to your physical letterbox?

Enter Sendsocial...

I've summarised the decription from springwise.

'Users simply tell SendSocial the Twitter ID or email address of the person they'd like to send a letter or package.

SendSocial then sends a request to the intended recipient to get their approval.

Only if that person agrees to accept the delivery does SendSocial get their address details; it does not, however, share that information with the person on the sending end.

The sender, meanwhile, is then informed that the mailing can proceed.'

Again demonstrating web behaviour transference into the physical world, and the trend towards consumers taking control and protecting of their own data.

Is this the start of an evolution of direct mail?

HT to Litmanlive via Twitter.

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