Thursday, December 24, 2009

this beer is mental

I'm loving everything about the Scottish independent brewery BrewDog.
The style, the brand, the philosophy, the disruption, the attitude.
There is nothing mediocre about these guys.

They say:
Our beers are in no way commercial or mainstream.
We do not merely aspire to the proclaimed heady heights of conformity through neutrality and blandness.
We are unique and individual.

With beers named 77 Lager, Trashy Blonde, Punk IPA and Hardcore IPA what's not to love?

Last month they also launched the strongest beer in the world, the Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

Weighing in at an ABV of 32%, BrewDog’s ‘Tactical Nuclear Penguin’ beats the previous record of 31% held by German beer brand Schorschbraer.

And with their offshoot label punkdog they can offer personalised labelled beers.

Also through the Equity for Punks share scheme, they are looking for 10,000 fans to become part of the journey.

The web-ness was created by Aberdeen agency Hampton Associates, good work chaps.
I shall be cracking open a couple of Punk IPA's in your honour over the festives.

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