Tuesday, January 06, 2009

web2.0 douchebaggery #217 - personal branding

A couple of thoughts on so-called 'personal branding'.
You could easily substitute that term with 'self-consciousness'.
This is a negative thing.

Self confidence, however, is a positive. It is not about ego or pride (so prevalent in this biz!) but it comes from doing what you are doing, focusing on that without self consciously second guessing what others are thinking or being distracted.

Being present.

By not wasting time worrying about being judged or percieved by others we can get on with our work and make it meaningful.
That brings self-confidence, knowing you are doing what is right.

Here's a nugget from Eleanor Roosevelt:
'No one can make you feel inferior without your consent'

In the same way that the opposite of great is not bad, it's average (ie invisible) - the opposite of self confidence is not insecurity or feelings of inadequecy (these are contributary causes or symptoms if you like) but is self-conciousness.

Personal branding is bollocks. Just be f*cking great at what you do, and respect others contributions. Job done.

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