Wednesday, January 07, 2009

hell bent on compromise

There's an alarming trend for the young people I see coming into the advertising/marketing business to be desperate to conform to establishment thinking, so quick to embrace the status quo.

To hear 21 year old young fogeys talking about 'personal branding'and 'markets are conversations' is mildly depressing.

Fuck that.

Growing up and learning is not about filling up a bucket, but lighting a fire (not my quote but i'll have it!)

It's the sworn duty of agencies formerly engaged in advertising and marketing to now be engaged in force for good and to lead our clients in that direction.
Ethics, integrity, value creation. We are not all prostitutes.

Changing the way we think, towards these values, not only improves our own lives but - through the power of the networked world - by default uplifts the collective experience of reality.

And we need the incoming generations to lead that.
So put down your iphones and go and smash some windows.

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