Tuesday, September 06, 2011

multi-touch digital displays

I'm a sucker for these 'future' of touch-screen technology videos.

The technology dovetails nicely into the era of no traffic on the roads, and where everyone at the bus stop is smiling.
Presumably, not unconnected to the fact that they have had the time to make nice vegetable omelettes for breakfast with the family.

Outdoors, if we factor in the law of the brick and the garbage can (I'm in Australia, they don't know what dustbin means), the greatest potential innovation on show here is the unbreakable 'glass' of each screen.

Corning, the creators of this clip, are manufacturers of the Gorilla Glass that is used on over 200 million mobile devices.

(Yes, it's on the iPhone 4. And that's never smashed...)

I'm guessing they haven't quite cracked that bit yet, but when they do...

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