Friday, September 02, 2011

be seeing you

Voyurl describe their service as 'like a private version of Google Analytics, made just for you and only about you. We wrap up the trends hiding in your online behavior and give that information back to you in easy-to-understand and fun-to-play-with ways. Explore interactive, drill-downable visualizations that reveal interesting insights about how you use the web..'

Voyurl also give the option of installing publishes everything you view in your browser and streaming it in real-time, out in public.

Likewise, you can view the 'clickstream' of others who are sharing share their 'clickstreams'.

Founder Adam Leibsohn said Voyurl is a 'reaction against the kind of "grey market" data-pimping that makes certain people run screaming from the "social web...I saw a lot of white-label apps that were gathering and selling personal data in this really irresponsible way -- people would tell me that they literally do nothing for their users, while collecting all their information behind the scenes. We take that data and turn it around and give it back to you, to improve the user experience.'

Again, another clue pointing towards the further personalisation of media and experience, and the notion of the personal layer that overlays the social layer in post-web 2.0. In clinical psychology, voyeurism is described as the sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate in this case data must be sexy.

One to watch. And be watched.

Finders fee: FastCoDesign.
via ProjectVRM mailing list.

Voyurl beta invites can be requested here.

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