Tuesday, March 15, 2011

your strategy is showing?

Call me old fashioned, but this put-down line often heard in the halls of advertising makes no no sense to me.

Your strategy is showing?

So what?
Surely that's the point of the communication.
Showing the strategy shows the reason why.
The strategy should be clear to see.

What if we changed the word strategy to purpose or philosophy?

If the brand has nothing of value to impart, stands for nothing, and nothing to say about anything other than itself then there probably is a case for not showing your strategy.

Principally because there is no strategy.
In that case you probably are relying on hoodwinking your customer or some other subterfuge.

In all other cases, i would suggest your strategy/philosophy/purpose is your STORY.

And that's the idea being advertised.

So show it.

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