Tuesday, March 08, 2011

one insight to rule them all

There's an old post on the @madebymany blog which discusses the possibilities of applying elements of Agile Software Development Methodology to 'agency' process.

Or un-process, if you like.

Their bent is obviously towards the more digital end of the spectrum but the thinking happily applies across the whole communications agency caboodle.

[Planning gets it in the neck]

'The obsession that so many planners have with identifying those 1-2"insights" is a constant source of bemusement. I don't know where the practice of boiling down sacred diamonds (almost mystical in nature) stems from, but it seems ridiculous..'

I've pondered this too for some time. Probably trying to boil my own sacred diamond.

In fact, they have distilled the thinking into a four step 'manifesto' a la the Agile Software development creed.

1 - Collaboration & conversation over strategy decks & documentation
2 - Simplicity of purpose over 'sacred' consumer insights
3 - Testing hypotheses over long-winded research & deduction
4 - Responding to change over following a plan

I'm buying all of the above but would probably argue that there is one insight that definitely does matter.

And one which benefits from remaining un-changed and un-iterated.

This is the brand insight.
And it alludes to, and expands upon point 2 of the above.

What is this brand for?

The following paraphrases Umair Haque in chapter 6 of The New Capitalist Manifesto.
[note: jeez, how many manifesto's can i have in one post?]

How does this brand/company and their product/service have a tangible, meaningful and eduring positive impact on people, communities and society?

How does it make us fitter, healthier, smarter and better connected?

What value does it create?

What is the dramatic difference it makes?

Crack that insight and decisions about what to DO and COMMUNICATE are easy.

One insight to rule them all?
That's the diamond that needs boiling down.

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