Friday, March 11, 2011

appointment to tweet part 4 #twelevision

Back in August, we discussed the notion of appointment to tweet, and how tools like Twitter were turning out to be an unlikely savior of live scheduled broadcast television.

- Enhancing the ‘scheduled’ viewing experience making it more entertaining to watch ‘live’
- Making it interactive and social on a many-to-many basis
- Connecting fans with other fans


Imagine if there was an app that helped you choose which channel and programme to watch based on the conversations happening around it?

A twitter based TV guide which showed you what was on right now, and who was talking about it?

While there are numerous apps that let you check-in to shows or movies, imagine if it worked on a hyper-local basis, using the actual TV guide for your area based on what was being talked about right now.

Channel surfing then becomes about finding the conversations not just the content.

Well, very soon you will.

Twelevision is coming to an app store near you in the next few weeks.
Australia only for the first wee while, then everywhere.

For updates from SXSW, where we have representatives pimping, follow @twelevision on Twitter.

You can also join us on Facebook, please do.

Or have a look at the demo vid in super HD on the Twelevision website.

The revolution will be twelevised.

Please let me know what you think.
I'll be pimping this to death, and telling the story over the next few weeks.


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