Tuesday, January 25, 2011

what the shit is and what the shit isn't part 2

Following last weeks Keith Richards quote around what the shit is and what the shit isn't I've been asked to qualify the statement.

As fortune would have it, a fine contrasting example has arisen which demonstrates.

Like Keith and 60's pop, I also can appreciate the shit even when outside of my genre.

Despite being the digital (sic) guy I can still love traditional brand advertising. If it's the shit, of course.

This new spot for PG Tips, kindly shared by Charlie and Rob is clearly the shit.

Character hooks, repeatable catchphrases (aaah, ta-daah), deep cultural resonance, ritual, authenticity, a thing/behaviour to copy!
Brand marketing 101 as the NEW brand marketing!

Contrast that with this grandiose piece of overblown spectacle wolf in 'viral' sheeps clothing from Heineken.

Jonathan Salem rightly points out on his blog 'Branding intended to prompt conversations about branding isn't much of a strategy'.

So, while one can easily see the advertising creative awards tumbling through the door of the agency, the question begs to be asked...what is this actually about?

Jonathan also points out, and I'm in full agreement, there is nothing Heineken about this film. It could be for any brand. A car, perfume or posh chocolate, you name it.

At the end of a minute and a half we are still none the wiser about what this means or what part of the Heineken story it tells.

Other than they have a lot of money to blow on talking to themselves about their imaginary self.

This simply isn't the shit, although ironically it probably thinks it is.

So there you go.

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