Thursday, January 13, 2011

one simple metric

In his book, Life, Keith Richards describes how he and Mick initially clicked, in the early days before the Stones even existed as a thing.
He notes that they had almost identical tastes in music (blues, r'n'b) and an almost telepathic understanding, and agreement on which music was right and wrong.

Here he goes..

'...We'd hear a record and go, That's wrong, That's faking, THAT'S real.

It was either that's the shit or that isn't the shit.

No matter what kind of music you were talking about. I really liked some pop music if it was the shit. But there was a definite line of what the shit was and what wasn't the shit. Very strict.'

In the advertising business the whole channel debate is getting so tired now, to the point of being completely boring.

It's not the internet that's killing advertising, it's crappy advertising that's killing itself.

As for the web, well 90% of what passes for social media marketing is the same old crappy digital marketing from 5 or more years ago.

Is it the shit? Or is it not the shit?
Keef is right, there's a definite line.

The question is, can you see where the line is?
That's the skill.

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