Wednesday, January 05, 2011

appointment to tweet part 3

As the journey towards total media convergence continues to pick up momentum, there's news of new investment by Google Ventures into Miso - the twitter/foursquare-esque social tv 'check-in' hybrid that's been picking up traction in the US over the past few months.

Perhaps the most interesting nugget is the news of the introduction of the Miso API.

They say:
'With the the API, TV sites, TV manufacturers, set top boxes, or any developer can access Miso in the same way our applications work today. Developers can develop new apps, integrate ‘check-in’ functionality into their own apps, and much more'.

Bearing in mind that it's been predicted that around 60% of all new TVs will have built-in network connectivity by 2015 and over 70% of these TVs will have an app platform built in, the post-digital future is increasingly looking like total digitality.

Appointment to tweet

Appointment to tweet part 2

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