Wednesday, September 22, 2010

blogger 'outreach' (yawn)

Probably the last thing the world needs is another 'how to pitch bloggers' article, however, for some reason unknown I appear to have found my way onto some list or other and have become the recipient of a stream of requests to blog about stuff.

I'm potentially happy to oblige, however here's the obligatory check list of things to know if you want me to write something about your thing here.

The same rules apply for any other individual or community that you want to promote with.

1. Do I know you?
If the recipient doesn't know you from Adam then they are unlikely to pay much attention to your pitch initially.
There should ideally be some relationship, before you ask any community or individual to talk about your thing.
- Actually read the blogs, tweets, forum or whatever.
- Find out what their interests are.
- Contribute in their space (leave comments, retweet etc.)
Simply, wading in with your pitch, out of the blue, well, it’s not big and it’s not clever.

*For the reference of potential pitchers out there, and to save you a bit of time, my principal interests are: how old punk stuff relates to modern marketing practices, old punk stuff in general, new thinking on the convergence of media, technology and culture and that, and general nuggets from philosophy and mysticism.

2. Be genuinely authentic
The pitch needs to be sculpted to the individual or community as much as possible.
NEVER attempt to pass yourself off as another person or other such sock-puppetery (unbelievably this really happens..)
People’s bullshit detectors are finely tuned, especially online, they smell it a mile off…

3. First impressions count

Your granny was right when she told you ‘you only have one chance to make a first impression’.
If you get no reponse assume that your pitch was ignored, binned or maybe saved for later.
Following up repeatedly with 'did you see my email?' or even (and this happens too) getting angry 'cos there was no repost of your thing, is creepy, spammy and plain stupid. By this time you've blown your chance of getting written about, ever.

4. Stick around
Seeds, once planted, need watering and once they start to grow they need pruning*.
Be ready with more information or answers to potential questions.
Be available to your pitchees, and say thank-you if they do write or repost something.

Most blogger types are pushed for time (I work for a living doing something else, this blog is principally for my own amusement not a full-time job) and are probably being pitched by loads of others. The easier you make it for them to cover your stuff, the more response you'll potentially get. Likewise wham-bam-thankyou-ma'am is a two way street.

*Real plants need feeding with bullsh*t – that’s where this analogy falls over but roll with me, please

Thanks to Pete for genuinely authentic and for explaining the meaning of Verisimilitude to me, during the production of this note.

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