Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A prospective client revealed to me in a discussion recently how a Facebook promotion they had run was an astounding success.

The promotion had managed to gather 10,000+ email addresses of people who expressed an interest in winning a FREE [product X], thus proving that social media marketing really 'works'.

What this marketer seems to have disregarded is that I could have walked up and down Oxford Street for a few hours with a sandwich board saying 'Get a FREE thing' and probably have gathered the same amount of data for a fraction of the cost.

Is there really that much value in collecting thousands of email addresses of opportunists who just want free stuff?

Sadly, this is becoming the benchmark for much 'social media' marketing.

The same old, same old gimmicky stuff trying to capture momentary attention of non-customers in order to pour those eyeballs into the top of the funnel and see what trickles out the other end.

Money and time that could be much better spent offering rewards to ACTUAL customers and convert them from passively loyal potential switchers into fans and evangelists.

Gimmix. Cushions that fart.

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