Friday, May 15, 2009

VW YouTube mosaic

Google describes YouTube Mosaic as 'a visually impressive eye-catcher which improves the session length and exposure time of the brand channel's visitors. Therefore it makes Youtube a more attractive social media platform for brand advertisers.'

This new format has premiered on the VW branded channel to present the videos which were sent in by users for the German 'Volkswagen Movie Star Contest'.

The mosaic picture shows a red VW Golf which is build out of 400 videos (interpretations of classic moves - I've spotted Braveheart, When Harry met Sally and Terminator) that were uploaded by fans, and in which a VW car plays a leading or supporting part.

Nice bit of tech and ,of course, the now obligatory #connect with fans.

Special thanks to Michael Gross, for finder services and translating the German.

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