Thursday, May 28, 2009

5 step structure for your presentation

Structuring presentations for maximum impact - there's plenty of theories out there - the Guy Kawasaki 10,20,30 rule is popular.

I like this one (it seems to work) for short high impact presentations, which I learned recently from an ex-film director who came in to give us a few pointers.

It's a five step plan (satisfies the first rule of blog club too - lists are good!).

It's grounded on this methodology: A.R.M.E.D.

get the party started...
A - Get their attention – big intro can do this (think: Bond movies - big action scene piques your interest before the narrative unveils, Jaws is another good one) or perhaps a controversial statement, whatever it is; make it a big bold one.

next up...
R - Make it relevant – follow up section should describe specifically why the intro piece matters to your audience.

then cut to the chase..
M - Your central message - (should contain IQ rational + EQ emotional triggers)

back it up...
E - Give an example – how have eg: competitors done this? Or how have we done this successfully for another client?

then to round up...
D - What we want them to do? (Always leave them with an action step – ie follow up with the cheque(!), or: let's all go for a beer next tuesday sorta thing)

What do you reckon?

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