Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I'm about to receive a copy of Joseph Jaffe's latest book Join the Conversation.

Joseph has invited 150 bloggers/podcasters to review the book as part of a 'use new marketing to prove new marketing' initiative. Full details of the initiative can be found on his excellent Jaffe Juice.

I've been regularly reading Jaffe Juice and listening to Joseph's podcast for the last couple of years and both helped significantly open my eyes to the new marketing thinking. In fact, I doubt i'd be writing this blog without some of that influence (readers voice: so now we know who to blame...)

I'm also pleased to note he appears to be using the unm2pnm logo I whizzed up.

Once I've read and reviewed the book I'm going to purchase a copy for myself then offer up the free one I got for someone else. Any one who who would like the spare copy drop your name in the comments and i'll stick them in the old tombola and draw a recipient.


Anonymous said...

OK I'm game on for some fun.

Cool logo too.

Anonymous said...

I'm dizzown

Eaon Pritchard said...

so much for 'the power of free'.
i might get you both a copy then if there no more takers ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice one Eaon. Count me in :)