Friday, October 10, 2008

the lotus economy

In simple terms, the thing I love most about all this interwebs business is nothing to do with technology or marketing or any of that stuff.

It's the connectivity and the discovery that fascinates me.

A random tweet by J_Mac pointing to this site by Unfrozen mind revealed an alladin's cave of ideas on creativity and innovation.

here's a sample from one of their 'vision' pieces 'The lotus economy'.

'This transition from economic value to economic creativity marks a paradigm shift from the “Box-Economy”, measured by the optimisation of moving boxes, thinking in boxes, putting people in boxes and exchanging boxes, to the “Lotus-Economy”, measured by personal transformation, creativity and innovation. It has manifested itself as a shift from an economy based on producing and buying things to an economy in which the primary unit of exchange is “meaning” where organisations become hothouses for ideas and the revolution of the human spirit.'

There was a joke when I was at art school between the graphic designers (them) and paineters and sculptors (us).
The designers would mock ' heh, you won't see many job ads saying 'sculptors wanted' when we walk out of here...'

I'm joining up dots with this, A Whole New Mind, buddhist economics etc.
Anything else?

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