Saturday, October 25, 2008

10 questions towards a new creative brief....

I'm trying to develop a Creative Brief template, if you have a minute.
In a non-advertising context where we are looking to create content (or to facilitate the creation of content by others) and utility; what does the brief look like?

Here's where i'm at - suggestions, modifications, critisisms all welcome.

Position in 8 words…
In a nutshell, what do we want to do?

The Brand

What does it look like? How does it feel?
What do people actually say/think about it?

Who are the community we are looking to serve?

Who are we talking with?
What level of permission do we have with them?

But who are they really?

How do they think? What music do they like? Who are their friends?
Where do they play? etc

Why should I believe you?
What backs this up? Prove it. What de we rally know..facts?

Call to action?

What do we want the community to do as a result of engaging with this?

What is the background or context?


Are there specific media we need to address?

What data do we want to ask for?

How do we measure?
What will success look like?
What do we want people to think as a result of participating?

Thanks to @deirdre for pointing me to this conversation around branded utility from 2006...

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