Friday, October 31, 2008

the engaging 'brand'

Not turned out that bad for Russell Brand.
DVD rentals site reports that Russell Brand's stand-up DVD rentals have increased by 133% during the kerfuffle over the Andrew Sachs answering machine prank.

"He's controversial, always on the edge offending others".

Of course he is. That's what he does and thats why we love him.
Even Andrew Sachs was not that bothered, a bit miffed but an apology in quiet and a couple of beers would have done the trick.

Read this sum up by Paul Carr which nails it.
'In Russell Brand’s defence, the Mail on Sunday can go fuck itself. And so can the Daily Mail.'

Lessons to learn...
To paraphrase of a couple of Seth-isms;

The opposite of 'great' is not 'very bad'.
Its average.
Average is boring
Average is invisible.
If it's average it's never going to work
Because no-one will notice it.
And no-one will talk about it.
Ideas that spread win
And Ideas that spread are the ideas that go to the edge.

Everywhere, the forces for mediocrity align.
Jonathan, if your listening...resist!

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