Wednesday, April 09, 2014

the golden age of bullshit - advertising week 2014 keynote with the great Bob Hoffman

This entertaining and correct 30 minutes or so with Bob Hoffman - aka the ad contrarian - is the absolute dog's bollocks.

The talk is a recording of his guest lecture at Advertising Week in London just the other week. The material will be reasonably familiar to those who read him on a regular basis but to have the man himself deliver it, and all his key themes in one chunk is a treat.

And he swears quite well, for an American.

As someone who, for a long time - and up until perhaps 2 or 3 years ago when I called time on it - displayed many of the traits of the bullshitters that Bob calls out with evidence, there is a certain relief at having come out the other side of that social media marketing kool-aid party intact, and a good deal wiser.

Bob's lecture title is very similar to one I had planned to use for a guest lecture that I'm doing next week for some students in Melbourne - 'You can't Shit a Shitter' - which I have now relpaced with something else.

I'm hoping to record the lecture and will post on here if I do.

Here's hoping that Bob's vitriol also inspires some new writing round these parts, it's been a bit quiet of late.

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